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Consultation and Treatment

Consultation: Focused on determining the underlying cause(s) or causative factors leading to the clinical signs & symptoms experienced, achieved by means of in-depth case taking from a clinical, homeopathic and functional medicine approach and perspective. 


Lifestyle and nutritional guidance.

Physical examination.

Laboratory blood analysis and imaging may be requested where necessary.


Referral to specialist physician where necessary.


Homeopathic prescription and dispensing of medicine.

Therapeutic nutritional and herbal supplemental prescription.

DNA and Stool sample testing:

Gut microbiome testing and analysis.

Genetic Predisposition Disease test.

Intolerance Sensitivity Test - 900+ food and non-food items

Food and Pet Sensitivity DNA Test

Celiac Disease Genetic test 

Lactose Intolerance test 

Initial Consultation – usually 1 &1/2 hours.

Follow-up Consultation – anywhere between 30 – 60 plus minutes.

Consultation rates are set according to Discovery Health Medical Aid rates. 

Registration with the Board of Healthcare Funders enables homeopathic practitioners to provide the necessary information needed in order for patients to claim from their medical aid provider for consultations.

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