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Welcome to the Homeopathic practice of
Dr. Deirdré Combrink-Potter

I am a registered homeopathic practitioner practicing in the beautiful Fish Hoek Valley of the South Peninsula in the Western Cape.

Be Well Again!

Being well and feeling our best incorporates so many aspects of our physical, mental and emotional selves, together with our lifestyle, occupation, relationships and environments.

Consultation and treatment are focused on determining the underlying cause(s) or causative factors leading to the clinical signs & symptoms experienced, achieved by means of in-depth case taking from a clinical, homeopathic and functional medicine approach and perspective.  

The Classical Homeopathic approach aims to incorporate the treatment of physical, mental and emotional symptoms simultaneously, achieved through the process of treating the individual as a whole with the homeopathic individualization of prescription of medicine. Treating the totality of symptoms is what makes homeopathic treatment so significant. 

The carefully selected individualized homeopathic medicine, specifically acts via the immune, endocrine and nervous system, in order to facilitate the innate self-regulatory biological processes of homoeostasis, essential for maintaining health and for healing. 

Together with homeopathic treatment, all lifestyle factors are reviewed in order to ensure optimal conditions are provided, assisting the body in the process of self-regulation, therefore providing the best foundation for healing and for health.


Other factors such as genetic predispositions obtained from family history are investigated and the necessary preventative measures are provided. 

Nutritional deficiencies and intolerances form an important part of treatment and the use of nutrition and therapeutic nutritional supplementation is implemented where necessary.  Therapeutic herbal treatment is also used in specific instances where indicated. 

Lastly, however, not in the least of less significance, importance is given to investigate whether there are what we call "Obstacles to Cure", in homoeopathy. 

Such obstacles may occur from our immediate environments (home and work), from our diet and general lifestyle choices, from our sleep patterns to our thoughts, emotions and relationships. 

Once established, together we slowly find solutions in order to do away with the "Obstacle(s) to Cure", therefore, contributing to the optimum conditions for healing and for health.


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